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Active lifestyles and healthy eating are all the rage these days with so many strict diets to choose from, most of which suggest suppressing your appetite and staying away from your favorite flavorful meals. Health is wealth, but who says you have to sacrifice flavor for fitness?

We’ve discovered the perfect solution – the Mediterranean Diet!  Countries like Greece and Italy are huge fans of healthy, but delicious unprocessed food and ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, legumes, tubers, whole grains, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy, herbs and spices, and healthy fats. Modern research notes that people who have adopted this diet were exceptionally healthier and had lower risks of many killer diseases.

We’ve rounded up top 10 benefits of trying out this diet program, just for you!

1. Weight Loss

Daily trips to the gym and spending excessive hours just to stay fit or shed some weight is a welcome task for some people. With the Mediterranean diet, cutting calories and losing weight do not have to be so time-consuming and strenuous. The weight loss will come naturally just by regularly eating clean and healthy, and with simple exercises such as walking or dancing.

2. Cancer Prevention

The saying “Prevention is better than cure,” is actually true. That’s why choosing healthy produce such as fresh cruciferous vegetables and fruits over processed food like pizzas and donuts abundantly sold in cities would be of greater help in building your body’s resistance against cancer-causing agents.

A hearty and healthy indulgence awaits at Tapenade’s Salad Room, featuring a spread of local and imported lettuces, charcuterie, cheeses, composed salads ad chilled seafood.

3. Longer Life Span

You only live once, so make sure you will be able to live life to the fullest. Good health is your ticket to more parties, concerts, shows, celebrations, and time spent with loved ones. Strengthen your body with the help of telomeres, parts of chromosomes associated with intakes of olive oil which are known to control aging and lengthen one’s lifespan.

4. Lighter and Cheerful Mood

Skipping meals can lead to being “hangry” and grumpy. In turn, a diet that keeps you in shape and lightens up your mood is quite a winner! So start grabbing those veggies, whole grains, fruits, and nuts and say goodbye to the grumpy you. A popular Mediterranean dessert that will surely put a smile on your face is the Turkish Baklava, with chopped pistachios, walnuts and almonds, aromatic spices and phyllo pastry.

5. Improve Brain Power

Our brain allows us touch, feel, think, speak, and more. Needless to say, it’s one of the most important organs of the body, and just like any other vital organ, the brain also needs to be nourished. Nuts and olive oil are good for the brain and can serve as its best supplement.

6. Better Fertility

Clean and healthy eating has further benefits too. For people who have been wanting and waiting to get pregnant, the Mediterranean diet may be a good option to try. Fish and food that is high in vegetable oil may increase the chances of fertility and conceiving.

A perfect combination is the Fennel and Sardines Pizza. Freshly baked homemade dough topped with Spanish sardines, olives, capers, and shaved fennel.

7. Fend Off Heart Disease

Unlike broken hearts, a real heart disease is something ice cream and chocolates can’t fix. But olive oil and its cleansing effects might just do the trick. The Mediterranean diet helps you get rid of bad cholesterols for you to be able to enjoy and nurture your heart.

8. Drive Out Diabetes

Sugar is sweet, but getting diabetes certainly isn’t. Sweets are irresistible, we know. Good news is, you can get indulge in fruits for your daily dose of sweetness! Eating sweet-tasting fruits high in nutrients could even be a way for you to drive out diabetes. Win-win situation, right?

Photo by Trang Doan

9. Firmer Bones

Another magical wonder of olive oil is that it also has a chemical that helps in healthy bone formation. That being said, strolls, jog, hikes, sports, and many more can be done without a doubt. Enjoy Mediterranean dishes with your workout buddy as a pre-exercise meal or a post-workout treat.

10.  More Quality Time with Loved Ones

Last but certainly not the least, remember our take on the age-old adage: the family that eats (healthy) together, stays together. So stop skipping meals, starving yourself, and missing out on a good time while your loved ones eat without you. No more drooling while waiting for 12 noon just to be able to eat. No more missing out midnight snacks and bountiful breakfasts. Lastly, no more tummy aches for long hours of waiting to eat. This diet is family-friendly and will get you to join every meal with your loved ones.

Here atDiscovery Primea’s  Restaurant Tapenade, healthy sumptuous Mediterranean meals will be served while having a relaxing time with your family and loved ones. Restaurant Tapenade is a great place where food and quality time will be of your benefit. Each bite and moment is guaranteed to be enjoyed with a taste of luxury.

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Friday July 13th, 2018 • By njavan


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