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Every start of the year, we vow to focus on our wellness and promise ourselves to have a more active lifestyle. Besides, health is wealth, right? With the routinary lives that most of us have, it’s necessary to inject some one-of-a-kind activities in your weekly itinerary. Here are some that you might want to take a look and try:

1. Aerial Silk
This is not for the faint of heart. Aerial silk are especially great for improving upper body strength which makes it one of the best ab workouts around. They improve arm strength, core strength, grip strength and stamina.

A Sunday slowdown reflection. Teacher @georginarovira recalls what it was like shifting focus on another apparatus, and learning from a beginners level again. Do you remember what it was like when you started pole? What did you learn about yourself throughout the process? 🤔☺️✨ . . “This year, I decided to try something new which is #aerialstraps. Call it ‘yabang’ factor, but at the back of my mind I thought learning it was easy, just because I had been training on pole and aerial hoop for several years. But I forgot to consider, in learning a new apparatus you MUST consider yourself a beginner (regardless of what level your are at with your first). There are a lot of factors to think about, a lot of techniques to understand. Some pole or aerial hoop techniques might be applicable but a lot of movements also had to be unlearned and relearned. . .
Through this learning process, I realised my fear of starting from the very start again. Progressing from 0 to 5. To feel frustrated, disappointed and yeah hopeless (oo may ganun feeling talaga). However, through time I am enjoying it. I get to know my limits and working on going beyond it. So here I am, training and struggling but beyond happy.” . .
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2. Cycling and Rowing

Cycling is basically biking in an indoor location with a group of people. This is fun for those who liked straightforward cardio on the saddle. You can get a pretty much intense workout if you will infuse basic exercises like standing up on the saddle while doing push-ups on the handles.

Rowing is a low-impact, full-body exercise that helps strengthen your heart and your skeletal muscles. It torches calories effectively by emanating body movements to keep the “boat” going which replicates the physical dynamics of a moving boat, giving students a realistic rowing experience.

3. Aerial Hoop

Learn to fly on an Aerial Hoop! Aerial hoop is a combination of aerial yoga and pole fitness, creating a seriously fun workout you have to see to believe. Get out of your workout comfort zone—six-feet above the ground! It is a whole body exercise that targets your core.


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Have you always wanted to try #AerialHoop class? 😍 Are you intimidated by the idea, but can’t get it out of your head since seeing Zac and Zendaya fly? 🤩✨ Ruth @littlefitbella is starting her hoop journey, and has written up a few FAQ’s that you can read! What can you expect in your first class? Was is difficult? Was it scary? All of these thoughts and more, answered by someone who is just starting out as well! SWIPE ▶️ for some answers. Visit @littlefitbella for the link to read more!! . . AERIAL HOOP at @polecatsmanila Ortigas: Mondays 6pm | Saturdays 1:15pm Sign up > https://polecats.as.me . . At @beyondalabang: Saturdays 4:30pm . . #moveallways #polecatsmanila

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4. Pole Dancing

These core and upper body exercises build up your strength, flexibility, and fluidity. To learn the foundations of pole dancing, like basic spins, transitions, and climbs, you need to improve your endurance, core strength, flexibility, and balance. One of the most fulfilling moments to achieve is to do each trick gracefully knowing how painful it is to perfect an invert or a split.

5. Parkour training

Simply put, parkour training is the functional and creative movement of a person attempting to overcome an obstacle in a given environment. With its goal to continuously go over bars, pride rocks, salmon ladders, foam pits, and vault boxes by doing natural human movement such as running, jumping, climbing, rolling, swinging and for advanced freerunners, tumbling or flips, it will give you the adrenaline rush you are looking for while burning calories at the same time.

6. Gym App

Making your own exercise regimen is as easy as downloading an application on your smartphone. Depending on your requirements, you can build up your own workout based on your phasing, level of intensity, and schedule. You just need a place where you can do your workout even if you are staying in a new city or just having a staycation and would like to stick to your health and fitness routine.

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