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Friday July 13th, 2018 •

Traffic is indeed infamous here in Makati, or in Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It has been said that Metro Manila has the 3rd worst traffic in Southeast Asia. (Well, that sounds pretty bad) And one must at least allot an hour or two for travel. But an hour is such a big chunk of time, isn’t it? That’s why we won’t let you waste your time by just sitting down in the car and watching how bad the traffic is, and getting very impatient and grumpy. So here’s a list of fun and productive things you could do while stuck in traffic:

  1. Read a book, the news, or an interesting article

Don’t miss out on the current events and trends these days. Check them out on your social media accounts and websites. Engage with thought-provoking articles that will power up your brain.

  1. Update or do your planner

With all the pile of work that you have to deal with each day, updating your planner may not be a priority at work, and maybe even at home – since you need to get that much needed rest when you reach home. Set those fancy or friendly dates and make sure that it is perfectly booked.

  1. Bring home some work

Overtimes are d-r-e-a-d-f-u-l. And I bet that you would want to get out of the office and lie down on your clingy bed as soon as your end shift hits the clock. So grab your stuff and leftover work and do it on the way home.

  1. Call your friends and loved ones

Catch up with your friends and loved ones over the phone, Facetime, or text. Arrange plans with them and share how your day went. Take all the time that you need while stuck in traffic by showing them how much you miss them.

  1. Take a short nap

They say that sleep is for the weak, that’s why take naps instead. Naps are healthy and de-stressing! It could also help improve your alertness and performance at work. And lastly, it will definitely make you less groggy.

  1. Binge your series or watch a movie

We say that you also deserve to treat yourself with some binge watching of your favorite series and seeing the latest movie that you couldn’t watch due to work. An hour or two of traffic jam could already let you finish a full movie and two episodes of your favorite series!

  1. Sing out loud

Is it true that people who sing are happier, healthier and will most likely live longer? Whether if it’s true or not, why not try and hit the notes? Being a frustrated singer is quite a talent, still. And singing is something that you could not withstand especially if you are jamming with your friends. Believe us, it’s fun!

  1. Eat your take home food

Skipping meals should not be a thing. Ingest your take home lunch, or dinner while stuck in traffic to relieve your mind from work and your hungry tummy.

Tapenade offers a selection of delicious pizzas for take-out orders daily. Perfect for munching during long hours on the road!

Grab your take home food from Restaurant Tapenade, Gilarmi Lounge, and Flame at Discovery Primea. From Mediterranean, American, Filipino and Modern Asian cuisine, we guarantee that you will enjoy your trip home with our take home meals.

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Friday July 13th, 2018 • By njavan


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